Steps for conducting successful api auditing

Key Steps For Conducting internal audit as part of API Q1/Q2 & Monogram Certification

API QMS / Monogram audits play a vital role in ensuring compliance to the specification and ensure the facility is capability to demonstrate the understanding and implementation to the quality of API product specification and process requirements.

By following a systematic approach, organisations can assess their conformity to the API specification against industry standards and requirements, identify areas for improvement, and demonstrate their commitment to excellence. This blog post would outline the crucial steps involved in successful API audit specifically for certification purposes. It would provide a comprehensive guide to help organizations navigate the audit process effectively.


Emphasise the importance of thorough planning before initiating the audit. This includes defining the scope of the audit, setting clear objectives, identifying relevant standards and requirements, and establishing a timeline for the audit process including result of previous audit and criticality of the process.

For example, planning to verify the previous audit findings would help the organization to ensure the effectiveness of the action taken the findings ensure the conformity is maintained all time at the organization.

Criticality of process considered at the time of planning of the help organization ensure the process that may have direct impact on the product quality can detailed for audit and frequency of the audit on the critical can be planned for short frequency when compared to the non-critical process, which help organization to identify the failure of critical process more frequently

Data Collection
choosing the appropriate Method of audit and audit sampling are to be highlight in process of performing a established audit, which including the significance of gathering relevant data and documentation related to the product or process being audited. This may include API QMS specifications such API Q1, Q2 or monogram, data collection and corroboration play vital roles to ensure the process has met the set requirements, data collection methods include survey, document review, interview with auditee, performance indicators

Process of analyzing the collected data to evaluate compliance to set audit criteria, simplest and effective analysis of collected data can include principle of process turtle, which would address the following as below

  1. Inputs: materials & equipment (what);
  2. Procedures and methods (how);
  3. Support processes;
  4. Competence skills and training (whom);
  5. outputs; and.
  6. Performance indicators (results)


Comprehensive audit report that summarizes the findings, identifies areas of concern, and provides with details information of the collected evidence can stress the importance of clear and concise reporting that effectively communicates the audit results which helps the auditee further analysis to do the necessary corrective action.

Corrective Actions
Emphasize the need for organizations to address the identified areas of concern through effective corrective actions. Provide insights on establishing action plans, assigning responsibilities, and monitoring the implementation of corrective measures and eliminate the reoccurrence of the finding resulting in corrective action.

Follow-up and Continuous Improvement

Highlight the significance of conducting follow-up activities to ensure that corrective actions have been implemented effectively. Encourage organizations to adopt a culture of continuous improvement by monitoring and refining their API QMS practices based on the audit findings and feedback received. Our API auditing services in UAE can support organizations in the identify the level of compliance and advise follow-up process, ensuring sustained compliance.

By outlining these key steps, the blog post aims to guide organizations in conducting a successful audit for API QMS or monogram certification audit services.

Disclaimer: Vegas Consulting in fashion represents API directly or indirectly and doesn’t including any certification services, Vegas consulting are limited to preparation of the QMS conformance to API Spec Q1/API Spec Q2 & Monogram.
Vegas Consulting a famous API Consultancy firm, provider ISO & API Auditing services to help organizations enhance their operational efficiency.

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