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With our in-depth knowledge of all API specifications, we provide API Monogram Consulting services that helps manufacturers meet API’s rigorous quality standards. Our team ensures that our clients meet all API monogram certification requirements while achieving actionable results.

We at Vegas Consulting, develop efficient workflows to connect your team, organize work, and streamline quality processes, enabling you to overcome governance and compliance challenges. With our API Monogram consulting services, you can be confident in meeting all your quality management needs related to API Monogram License.

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Our Process

How our API Consultancy process works


In this stage involves understanding the business process, requirements & in setting up a Goal.


This stage involves in determining & developing the documentation & plan and controls formation.


This implementation stage involves with how to maintaining records & formats for reviews & procedures,

Internal Audit

This stage involves with setting audit program and providing auditor training to the organization


This stage contains 3 rd party auditing for and preparing company and employees for API certification

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Using our compliance consulting solutions, our clients can meet regulatory requirements while optimizing their operations and enhancing their customer experiences. Compliance frameworks and risk management expertise allow us to provide tailored solutions that minimize risk, increase efficiency, and enhance customer trust.

To obtain API Monogram license, an organization must have a documented effectively functioning quality management system in place.

API Spec Q1 integrated with applicable API Product Specification listed by API Monogram Program.

What is the procedure for apply API Monogram Certification:

  • Your organization should implement and maintain API Spec Q1 for at least four months
  • A detailed internal audit covering compliance of all the clauses of API Q1 & Monogram
  • Your organization should perform and document a management review
  • Scope including the justification QMS exclusions if applicable
  • Validated design package if your products are listed under API advisory 6
API Spec Q1, 9th Edition allows few clauses of the standard that are applicable for exclusion as below. Furthermore, such exclusions cannot affect the organization’s ability, or responsibility, to provide products and related servicing that meet customer and applicable regulatory requirements. Exclusions are limited to the following clauses
  • 5.4, Design and Development;
  •, Servicing;
  •, Validation of Processes for Production and Servicing;
  • 5.7.5, Customer-Supplied Property;
  • 5.8, Control of Testing, Measuring, and Monitoring Equipment;
The organization shall be required to provide evidence that excluded the scope of services does not affect meeting the requirements of API specification or other applicable standards.
All applicant meeting the requirements of API advisory 6 should hold a Design Package(s) to demonstrate compliance with design and development requirements fluffing the requirements of API Spec Q1. All API Monogram Licensing Program including design package for review during an audit. What is Design Package / Design Binders?
  • Design – a detailed plan for a product(s).
Package – a collection of data put together. The design package shall include a detailed plan for a product(s) which includes all the background documents, applicable API standards, and the instructions, procedures, specifications, drawings, process sheets, and process validation documents. The API Monogram design package shall include design plans, input elements, output elements, evidence of review/verification and evidence of validation and changes performed on the design if required as per API Spec Q1.

Application Submission

The applicant organization needs to satisfy the application requirements listed in Monogram Program Requirements, if any deficiencies is identified in the submitted application the issue to be resolved within one year of submission, failure to the same will withdraw the application.

Initial audit not performed within one year from the date of API audit application shall lead to withdrawn of application.
The initial audit shall only be set up when the application is accepted by API by the appointed API auditor.


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Vegas Consulting can assist in the development and implementation of the quality management system for API Spec Q1 and API Monogram License to assure for its prompt and long-term success. We have acquired our API Monogram program knowledge by being in the forefront of API Product specifications, design package, best practices, specifically API Monogram consulting support, for over 10 years and thousands of implementations in various oilfield industries.

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