ISO Certification

ISO Certification

Quality, Environmental, Occupational Health & Safety

Event Sustainability & Energy

Aerospace, Automotive & Road Traffic Safety

Aerospace, Automotive & Road Traffic Safety

Management systems certification lets organizations master the past, lead with the present and are ready for the future.

Vegas CG is an independent provider of ISO Certification support service provider with various international accreditation’s and consulting services for companies all over the world. We are ready to guide your organization throughout the evaluation process and would help in achieving the certification within the stipulated time frame.

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With acceptance from many accredited companies or authorities, being able to deliver quality service to organizations had made us perceptible. Our guidance in matters involving immediate response will help you surpass your expectations.

Our Management Systems Certification Services

At VCG, we offer services to help you create a professional management system that imparts better quality products pertaining to your business needs. Our way of approach in helping you achieve your goals is our highest priority.

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100% of our clients achieve ISO certification first time.

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