ISO & API Auditing services

Auditing Services

API & ISO Auditing Services

Over 20 countries have been audited and assessed by our auditors, including facilities employing ten to twenty thousand people. Using our experience and in-depth understanding of the various standards, we ensure prompt, accurate and beneficial results for our clients.

With Vegas Consulting, you can ensure your suppliers deliver the quality standards you and your customers require by ensuring that equipment and materials are in compliance with contractual specifications. An evaluation of a supplier's experience, technical resources, production capacity, and quality control procedures and systems is included in the survey.

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Various Auditing services we support

Internal Audit

The effectiveness of the management system and its control should be evaluated and improved.

Supplier Audit

Ensure that your organization and your partners are maintaining and improving quality standards

Product & Monogram Audit

Makes sure the final product is thoroughly inspected before it is delivered to the customer or supplier.

Process Audit

Maintain industry-standard API development and maintenance processes within the company.

Inspection & Testing

Assure the products meet the applicable standards and specifications.

Gap Analysis Audit

Identify areas where the existing API specifications fall short the certification standard requirements.


Why Auditing services from Vegas Consulting?

Our auditors are equipped with the specific industry and business knowledge relevant to your organization, offering immediate operational capabilities at a fraction of the cost required to develop comparable internal resources. Protect your organization’s services, brands, and reputation by monitoring the adherence of your vendors to your quality requirements.

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