New Era of Compliance: API Spec Q1 10th Edition Set to Release

API has announced that the draft for API Spec Q1 10th Edition is undergoing. And the latest edition has been finalized to release end of third quarter or fourth quarter of 2023.

Companies will have to review their existing programs for conformance to the new edition, which contains some significant changes. Furthermore, the new requirements will have an impact on API product specifications already in place. After the publication date is announced, there will be an implementation period of one year before the 10th Edition of API Specification Q1 goes into effect.

Notable changes in the API Spec Q1 10th edition include:

  • A heightened focus on risk-based thinking and the identification and mitigation of risks.
  • Increased emphasis on leadership and management commitment to quality.
  • Enhanced requirements for supplier control and evaluation.
  • Additional specifications for document and record control.
  • Introduction of key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor and measure organizational performance.

The API Spec Q1 10th Edition is on the horizon, bringing significant updates to industry standards. Companies working with the API Spec Q1 9th edition should prepare to review their quality management systems and align with the new requirements. Existing API product specifications will be affected.

However, it is important to note that due to US government sanctions against Russia and Belarus, API has cancelled all previously issued certificates to companies in these countries, temporarily suspending API operations in these markets.

In light of this, organizations have alternatives for industry certification, such as obtaining an international ISO 9001 or ISO 29001 certificate. It is worth mentioning that despite the absence of API certification, many foreign customers still demand compliance with API Spec. Q1 from Russian manufacturers.


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