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APIQR Certification consultancy

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APIQR Certification Consultancy​

APIQR is organisation level certification program offered by API that propose of organisation willing to register them for quality management system.

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API Quality Registrar & Monogram Consultancy

We have the best tailor-made consultancy services for API Spec Q1, Q2 & Monogram, for small entrepreneurial firms to large multinational corporations. Annually it has been estimated more than 4,000 businesses in 100+ countries are being authorized to use API Q1, Q2 & API Monogram and show the world what they have to offer them. The companies being compliant to API Spec Q1, Q2 and Monogram are globally accepted as the products or services offered by the API certified facility meets industry-written standards.

API Spec Q1, Q2 & Monogram certification offered by API (American Petroleum Institute). API Q1 and Q2 certification are fast becoming the industry quality standard within the petroleum and natural gas industry. Organization certified to API Spec Q1 and API Spec Q2 or API Monogram helps to improve their efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the operations. We at Vegas Consulting can help organisations in achieving API Q1, Q2, and monogram certification with the guidance of a proven consulting approach.

Consultancy For API Q1, Q2 & Monogram Program

Vegas Consulting Group established globally specializing in consulting, training, implementation, and engineering organisation, providing total quality solution to the petroleum and natural gas industry.

We are one of the most reputed and preferred API Spec Q1, Q2, and Monogram consultancy across the world. Our quality of API consulting service has made us prominent in the field covering The Americas, MENA, Europe, Asian countries. Organizations looking to obtain API consultancy and searching for an API certification consultant, please contact us for end-to-end services.

We assist your organization to achieve API Q1, Q2, and Monogram certification. Our API certification consultant can help to start from the application package to the time you receive your certification. We at VCG will increase the efficiency and the effectiveness of your workforce and help to achieve on-going compliance with your organization.

APIQR consultancy

Monogram Consultancy

API Monogram Certification is a self-registering program designed to facilitate orgininzation to consistently manufacturing the products used in the Oil and Gas industry offered by American petroleum Institute. API Monogram supports organisations manufacturing companies that operates by manufacturing of product that adheres to API Specifications. API Monogram program adds value to the manufactured product and facilitates only the licensed manufactures to make use of this advantage and avail certification. Also licensee can demonstrate that they are certified with the industry-leading quality management standard API Spec Q1. Avail API Monogram License consulting by Vegas and acquire API Spec Q1, which meets all the ISO 9001 criteria along with the oil and natural gas industry standards. We are one of the industry’s leading API Monogram consulting service provider.

API Monogram is highly recognized across the world as the seal of approval for quality and reliable product performance.

APIQR Consultancy

APIQR is a Quality Registrar Program, helps businesses to register their management system to avail APIQR certification by their standards compliance to API Spec Q1, API Spec Q2, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. Through APIQR certification, the registered organizations can showcase that they stick to the industry standards and operate in conformance with their registered management system.

API Spec Q1 Certification – Specification for quality management system requirements for manufacturing organizations for the Oil and Gas industry.

API Spec Q2 Certification – Specification for quality management system requirements for service supply organizations for the Oil and Gas industry.

Vegas Consulting offer API consultation includes training, implementation, gap analysis, documentation, internal audits, supplier audits, product audits, process audits. Our consultation approach is highly professional, time-bound, and effective resulting in the ease of implementation and adds value to the business processes of the client’s organization.

APIQR Monogram consultancy


We engage of our qualified consultant for providing consultancy services including documentation, training, and implementation of QMS, lead to certification. Vegas is not involved or represents API directly or indirectly for any of its audits & certification issuance services.

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