API Spec Q1 Certification

API Spec Q1 Certification consulting services

API Q1 Certification

Enhance Quality, Reliability, and Compliance with API Spec Q1 Certification

We at Vegas consulting, assist your organization on the path to successful API Specification Q1 certification. Our team of experts understand how to design, develop, implement, and prepare your organization for API Specification Q1 certification from the scratch and makes that your organization meets the requirements of the standard effectively and efficiently.

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Our Process

How our API Consultancy process works


In this stage involves understanding the business process, requirements & in setting up a Goal.


This stage involves in determining & developing the documentation & plan and controls formation.


This implementation stage involves with how to maintaining records & formats for reviews & procedures,

Internal Audit

This stage involves with setting audit program and providing auditor training to the organization


This stage contains 3 rd party auditing for and preparing company and employees for API certification

For Organization

Questions to examine before applying API certification

The American Petroleum Institute offers a wide range of standards for oil and gas industries as well as quality registrations for various management systems. It is essential to understand the scope/categories and how can help your organization when deciding to apply for certification. Here are some questions to think about:

Invest in your future by improving your business. Our API Spec Q1 certification consulting has helped many clients achieving long-term success. We guarantee your management system to meet API Q1 certification requirements.

API Q1 Certification consulting services

API Spec Q1 Certification for Manufacturers – Product related

API Specification Q1 certification is primarily applicable to organizations involved in manufacturing, repair or servicing equipment being petroleum industry. The standard primarily demonstrates to customers that the manufacturer can provide high quality products and manufacturing processes in compliance with legal requirements and customer needs.

Who can apply for API Q1 certification?

  • Manufacturing companies
  • Services companies like Inspection, maintenance, repair
  • Testing equipment etc
  • Service-related products manufacturing companies
  • Equipment manufacturing to Monogram.

Highlights of API Spec Q1, 9th Edition

American Petroleum Institute was introduced and published API Q1 9th edition on December 2019. The main objective of this standard is to develops best practices to ensure safety, reliability

  • Risk-based thinking for quality management
  • Strong supply chain controls internal and externally
  • Clearer guidance on the management review process
  • Preventive Maintenance Plan for Manufacturing Equipment
API Spec Q1 Certification

Setup Stages




Why us

What makes us different?

Using our compliance consulting solutions, our clients can meet regulatory requirements while optimizing their operations and enhancing their customer experiences. Compliance frameworks and risk management expertise allow us to provide tailored solutions that minimize risk, increase efficiency, and enhance customer trust.

API Q1 - 9th Edition

Scope of API Q1 certification

API Q1 limits the sections of the standard that are applicable for exclusion. Furthermore, such exclusions cannot affect the organization’s ability, or responsibility, to provide products and related servicing that meet customer and applicable regulatory requirements. Exclusions are limited to the following sections with sutiable justification

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