API Monogram Certification

API Monogram Certification

API Monogram Certification

Improve manufacturing efficiency with API Monogram Certification

Vegas Consulting is well-equipped to design, develop, implement, and prepare your organization for API Monogram certification from scratch. Our assured consulting approach ensures that your management system will receive API Monogram certification from the American Petroleum Institute.

Obtain the monogram license and companies can improve their quality control processes and ensure that your products or services consistently meet or exceed industry standards.

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Our Process

How our API consultancy process works


In this stage involves understanding the business process, requirements & in setting up a Goal.


This stage involves in determining & developing the documentation & plan and controls formation.


This implementation stage involves with how to maintaining records & formats for reviews & procedures,

Internal Audit

This stage involves with setting audit program and providing auditor training to the organization


This stage contains 3 rd party auditing for and preparing company and employees for API certification

For Organization

Questions to examine before applying API certification

The American Petroleum Institute offers a wide range of standards for oil and gas industries as well as quality registrations for various management systems. It is essential to understand the scope/categories and how can help your organization when deciding to apply for certification. Here are some questions to think about:

Examining these questions before applying for API certification can help the company to ensure that their product or service meets industry standards, improve their quality control processes, and enhance your credibility and marketability. By carefully evaluating these factors, a company can make an informed decision about whether API certification is the right choice for their business. Being a renowned Monogram certification Consultant, we helped many clients achieving long-term success. We guarantee your management system to meet API Monogram licensing requirements.

Market world-class quality products, prevent defects, and build customer confidence

The API Monogram Program gives licensed manufacturers an opportunity to mark conforming product so that it is easily recognizable and identifiable in the field. The product licensee must implement, maintain and continually improve their quality management system to meet the oil and gas industry’s quality management system specification, API Spec Q1. The API Monogram Licenses are only issued after an on-site audit has verified that the facility meets the program requirements.

The Licensees are required to maintain continued management system conformity to API Spec Q1 as well as the product standard and program requirements. In order for a license to remain active, the licensee must go through a renewal audit after each 3 year period. All licensees, licensing information and licensing statuses are identified on the API Composite List, an on-line directory.

What is the procedure for apply API Monogram Certification?

To obtain API Monogram License, an organization must have a documented effectively functioning quality management system in place. API Spec Q1 integrated with applicable API Product Specification listed by API Monogram Program.
API Monogram license procedures

Setup Stages




Why us

What makes us different?

Using our compliance consulting solutions, our clients can meet regulatory requirements while optimizing their operations and enhancing their customer experiences. Compliance frameworks and risk management expertise allow us to provide tailored solutions that minimize risk, increase efficiency, and enhance customer trust.

Obtaining API Monogram License through API, and gain competitive advantage when selling your products to the global market.

Product Specification

API Monogram Product Specifications

API Monograms are highly recognized across the world as the seal of approval for quality and reliable product performance. There are more than 70 Product Specifications for which American Petroleum Institute offers API Monogram License.

API Monogram Licensing Process

Below are the minimum requirements before you submit an application to API for API Monogram Program:
  • Availability of Quality Manual, describing scope of manufacture and identification and justification of exclusions taken. Quality Manual shall meet other requirements as specified in API Spec Q1 (clause 4.4.1(b).
  • Completed API Sec Q1 conformity matrix
  • Establishing, maintaining and implementing a documented QMS (Quality Management System) meeting the applicable requirements of API Spec Q1 and product specification for at least four months.
  • A full system audit has been performed.
  • A management review has been conducted.
  • Availability of the authorised copy of latest edition of the API Product Specification(s) for which you are applying licensing.
  • Availability of applicable validated design package(s).
Applications are accepted by API online along with the applicable monogram fees, by using the “myAPI Login” found at https://my.api.org/

On receipt of your completed application, API will review your submitted documents (including application form, quality manual and conformity matrix). If the application documentation does not meet the stated requirements, API notify the deficiencies to you for providing further clarifications and/or re-submission of document(s).

On acceptance of your application, API will assign an API auditor to schedule an on-site audit at a time mutually convenient to your organisation and the designated API auditor. API will provide relevant information regarding preparation of your on-site audit

API audit team will perform the on-site audit as per agreed scheduled. During the audit, API auditor(s) will verify the capability of your organisation to meet monogram program requirement.
Audit team leader will prepare a detailed report, with list of non-conformances reviewed with your representative(s) during an exit interview. The report along with the reported non-conformances will be available at your ‘myAPI Login’ for review and necessary action.

You will provide the correction, root cause analysis and corrective actions for the reported nonconformities. API will review the objective evidences obtained during the audit along with the responses submitted against the NCRs. Decision to issue the license by API is based on the verification of conformance with API quality standards and API Monogram Program requirements.

A successful evaluation of your QMS and satisfactorily passing the on-site audit by API through its designated auditors shall be the basis for issuance of Monogram License(s).
Your license evaluation is a continued process with on-site renewal audit required every three years and surveillance audits at least once every calendar year. The frequencies can be shorten as the discretion and as determined by API.
In the interim there may be unscheduled periodic or for-cause re-audits, at the sole discretion of API.
Following these audit(s), API shall decide any required further action, which could include notification of suspension or cancellation, or a follow-up, or a re-audit may be required.

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